Why Sleep Is A Lack Of Sleep

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From the time children are able to understand words they are taught they require a certain amount of hours of sleep. The science of sleep can be traced back to the early 1600’s. Doctors will argue that sleep is the most important thing a person needs after food and water. Scientists have done extensive research on the benefits of sleep, but still the question remains on why is sleep necessary? Unfortunately, it is not a question with a simple answer. The absence of a concrete answer to this stimulating question does not mean that this research has been a waste of time. In fact, scientists and doctors now know much more about the purpose of sleep, and have established several encouraging theories to explain what happens to our bodies with lack of sleep. But even the most exceptional scientist on the earth cannot fully explain why people sleep. One fact everyone in the science field can agree on is, sleep is …show more content…
Sleep deprivation has become common among over worked students and adults in the United states, the consequences however are staggering. In” Why do we need sleep? Relating theory to Nursing Practice” Linda A Hodgson explains how sleep deprivation relates to what happens in the human body. “fall in body temperature and less efficient temp regulation. slight changes m cardiovascular and respiratory function, slight hormonal changes which may be related to stress, changes in control of eye movements, and musculature involved with accommodation and convergence” (Hodgson 1506). Also a patient might be suffering from physical problems that can also effect sleep. As Hodgson writes “Conditions which increase intracranial pressure, or alter central nervous system physiology, are particularly liable to affect sleep adversely Pathologies of the brain stem and hypothalamus and cerebral atrophy may disrupt sleep.” (Hodgson

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