Why Slavery Is Deeply Rooted Within The South Essay

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To President James Buchanan I am here to ask you “why fix something that’s not broken?” Understanding that you are coming up on your re-election; however, since you are a Northerner you might not know why slavery is deeply rooted within the south. There are many reasons for this, down south, slavery is a way of life for economic standards and has been a way of life for many generations. There are also other justifications as to why to keep slavery down in the south. The justifications to keep slavery in the south are for racial justifications, economical and religious justifications.

Within the deep south it is of the opinion of slaveholders that blacks are different compared to a white man those being; blacks are built different than a white man, are inferior than white people, black people work harder than white people. Samuel A. Cartwright had written a report about the differences between blacks and whites, called the “Report on Diseases of and Physical Peculiarities of the Negro Race”. In this he explains that not only is a black person’s skin is different, but it also goes down into “the membranes, the muscles, the tendons and in all the fluids and secretions.” (p. 158). A belief that black people are just built differently than any white person. With this makes it understandable towards the differences between the two races. Thomas Jefferson stated in his “Notes on the State of Virginia in 1787” that, “Deep-rooted prejudices entertained by the whites; ten…

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