Why Slavery Is A Justifiable Act And Should Not Be Abolished Essay

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Have you ever heard the phrase “practice what you preach”? Or perhaps known a person who claims to believe one thing, but the evidence of how they live their life proves to be completely opposite? Samuel Sewall, the author of The Selling of Joseph, responds to four reasons or objections as to why slavery is a justifiable act and should not be abolished which Sewall responds with why it is inexcusable. The majority of his text would lead one to believe that he thinks slavery is a gratuitous act, and with egalitarian views like his, Sewall seems to be a nondiscriminatory and model citizen. Ironically, Sewall who believed slavery was wrong, also had a very racist mentality despite his belief that every human being is a child of God. Despite his answers to the objections of slavery, his personal views and use of biblical text, Samuel Sewall was hypocritical racist. Sewall had four responses as to why slavery is not acceptable. In his first objection he refers to Exodus 9:20-27 which tells of a curse by Moses that was placed upon Canaan and Ham’s sons. Noah exclaimed “a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren!” Sewell tries to disprove the belief that if African were truly the descendants of Canaan, then their slavery was God ordained. He states that “it is possible that by crust reading, this Text may have been mistaken” (Sewall, 222). Sewell hints that African may actually not be direct descendants of Canaan, so therefore the curse of slavery was not a…

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