Why Should You Stay At Your Customers And Prospects? Essay

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Why should you stay in touch with your customers and prospects?
The end result of maintaining a business is always to make money. No matter what type of business that may be, marketing and selling are unavoidable. There are very few businesses that sustain themselves with little or no marketing. Customers don’t just wake up one day and say “I’m going to buy Jane’s product” when Jane has done nothing to market her products.
Spending your time and money to only have to find 35% new customers are much better than finding 100% new customers. And less stressful.
The bottom line is that it’s much easier and cost effective to sustain your business with repeat customers than to have to continually find new ones. A finely developed marketing budget and plan should give you a high ROI. Don’t keep reinventing the wheel so to speak.
Marketing your business can be accomplished via many different methods which fall under the category of offline (traditional) or online.

Sales today can take between 7 and 10 touches to come to fruition. Marketing to your customers and prospects regularly is how you will accomplish the sale.
And then there are the referrals from those who already do business with you. Referrals or unpaid sales force are an underutilized marketing tool. If you do not stay in touch then you won’t be top of mind thus you won’t get new customers referred to you.
So, how do you stay in touch you ask…
There are both the online and offline (traditional) methods of staying in…

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