Why Should You Drink Alcohol? Essay

768 Words Jul 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Humans decisions are in the hands of each own. Their opportunity to make use of each decision expresses our free will. In life, humans determine whether their freedom of making their decision is too extreme, and if they should make that decision or not. Sometimes that pushes us to our limit and forces us to do things we are not usually accustomed to doing.
While we express the opportunity to showcase free will, there are limits that can stop the idea of it, for example laws. Laws sets a barrier to which we can make decisions on our own and pushes us to our own boundaries. In particular this relates to me because there was this moment in my life where a law limited my decision making. I wanted to make the decision to drink alcohol to have a good time with my friends but that was quickly put to a cease because of the law that minors under 21 aren 't allowed to consume alcohol. The temptation and urge to do something that’s essentially in my hands to make the decision gets put on a hold. Although I did make the decision to go past the limit of my free will by consuming the alcohol, it goes to show that sometimes it’s the limit that pushes us to make a rash decision rather than our wants. If there was no law about alcohol then there would have been no urge for me to want to drink it because it will always be available. Other people in society, such as adults with morality and law-abiding citizens would go against my decision because they believe I should adhere to the rules…

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