Why Should Weight Gain? Essay

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No One Has to Gain the Fifteen College can be a scarce transition for individuals, especially for the ones who have lived at home their whole lives. While college is said to be one of the best experiences, there are negative factors that eventually add up. Students who live under their parents roofs or attend high school, usually have their day-to-days lives planned. A typical day in the life of a student may be going to school for eight hours, participating in an activity after school, coming home to a home-cooked meal, and going to bed. Where, college is the first year a student may experience more independence and a non-planned agenda. Most individuals know when going to college they’re going to miss the familiar feeling of their hometown, home-made meals, and their own bed. It seems like almost everyone knows the phrase “The Freshmen Fifteen,” but little do they know it does not happen to everyone. There are reasons as to why weight gain happens to some individuals and various ways to avoid weight gain in college. It’s evident that almost any individual can gain weight, whether it’s from lack of physical activity or sleep, poor nutrition, genetics, or many other possible factors. Unfortunately, freshmen year of college is the time when the body is going through many changes, such as stress and a new schedule. In Gabrielle’s Kratsas article, “30 Great Ways to Avoid the Freshmen 15 and Stay in Shape,” she interviews Dr. Diekman, MEd, RD, who states that, “Most young…

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