Why Should We Need For Vaccination Schedule? Essay

1359 Words Jun 27th, 2016 null Page
Like discussed above, understanding why individuals choose against vaccinations is important to maintaining herd immunity and therefore protecting society against dangerous outbreaks and the reemergence of once eradicated diseases. Due to this, there is a set vaccination schedule that has been created and maintained by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC in order to keep the vaccine threshold above the required number. Although the advantages of vaccinations have been widely explained and accepted by most, certain types of individuals are making the conscious decision to go against recommended medical advice. Medical non-compliance, or people who choose to follow alternative paths than those recommended by their doctors, is an area of worry for medical personnel. Previous research has shown that certain patient demographics are likely to impact the doctor-patient relationship or the likelihood a patient actively engages in conversation with their doctor. This includes asking questions, discussing alternative options, and explaining symptoms. Different arguments have been used to explain why individuals from different ethnic backgrounds are treated differently in a healthcare-based environment. For instance, medical journals have argued that people of specific ethnic backgrounds are more likely to come in for particular healthcare treatments or biases have emerged due to individuals from certain ethnic backgrounds being more likely to be diagnosed with one…

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