Essay on Why Should We Be Moral?

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From the beginning of the semester, every student in this course, including myself was required to write a paper about what is the whole Philosophy concept mean and as regards the questions being asked such as “what is ethics?”, “what is the good?”, and “why should we be moral?”. In the meanwhile, before the class started to explore more depth about the meaning of those questions, Ethics defined what we as a human being believe in what is the rightness or the wrongness. Moral is what teaches us in our beliefs on the rightness or the wrongness. Every human in different culture should have different morals; some may have good morals and bad morals for example, bad reputation. Yet, why should we be moral? Being a moral is acting out and treat others right other than being selfish. Being moral teaches us what is right or wrong for what they gain their knowledge and it established for who they are in a different type of moral. As a reflection today, this class has taught and gain more knowledge of what those questions really mean. Ethics deals with how we should live with the ideas of the good, and both concepts of rightness or wrongness. Let ask again, what is the good? The good in question is the human good, clearly as happiness, reaching it’s potential, and so on. The good defined as morally right; righteousness. Also why should we be moral? Because it’s a indicate of life within life to be someone who doesn 't depend on their nonsense instinct such as a sexual pleasure. If…

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