Why Should Visit Denver Cares? Essay

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Agency Choice
I chose to visit Denver CARES because even though I work there, I believe in what we do and the population that we serve. We serve mostly homeless individuals with addiction to drugs or alcohol. I hope to work with the population after graduation. Denver CARES is the first line of defense for helping these individuals. We take care of the clients and help them to detox in a safe environment providing medication as necessary to reduce the chance of medical side effects on the clients. This organization is very relevant to my future clients. I am in school because of my experience with this organization and the people we help. We have a very unique place in the community in that most treatment centers are not able to help clients with the detox process. After detox, we help those who want help with looking for treatment centers. Although we do not set up the treatment we provide resources and allow the clients to make calls to set up their own treatment. By having the clients conduct their own research, they have a level of ownership and are more likely to succeed. Denver CARES has a treatment program on site. Clients have to show a commitment to getting well and changing their lives. The female treatment dorm holds 16 ladies and the male dorm holds 30 men. The attend classes to learn how to live a substance free life and meet with a counselor twice per week. After the initial two weeks, the clients are expected to get a job. The program is…

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