Essay about Why Should Veterinary Medicine Be A Veterinarian?

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To become a veterinarian is a process that requires serious dedication to a program of extreme rigor with the end goal of a lifetime of reward in the form of administering animal care. The hackneyed response given time and time again to the question of “Why veterinary medicine?” is always the same, “I love animals!” a mandatory precursor to the field, without question, but one that is not sufficient for the intensity and demanding schooling of veterinary medicine. To further elaborate, it is important for an individual to not only have a passion for animal care but to have the drive to want to make a difference in both the lives of animals and the people so closely intertwined with them. To briefly interject, these ideals are the embodiment of why I would like to become a veterinarian; the satisfaction of being able to utilize a skill set to help animals and other people alike, and possibly even the entire area of veterinary medicine, is unparalleled. In order to accomplish such a lofty task, however, there are certain goals a pre-professional student like myself must set in order to be able to mature in the prospective vet student necessary and excel in the variety of real world situations where veterinary medicine is applicable.
I have always viewed my passion for veterinary medicine as an encompassing duality, drive to both: treat and aid those in need directly as well as engage in the bounds of research to engineer techniques and unearth novel information to help those…

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