Why Should Vaccines Be Mandatory?

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Dr. Steve Cave said, “Vaccines have become a necessary part of the world— for the current health of our children and for the future generation.” (Steve Cave, 22). Within the past decade, concerned parents researched on how effective and save vaccines are. Thomas Gale said, “Vaccines are the best defense we have against infectious diseases. However, no vaccine is 100% safe or effective.” Throughout history, plagues and epidemics lead to millions of deaths and the world was in need of vaccines. Vaccines are injections that comprise of reduced amounts of particular diseases. If doctors are injecting children with the disease they are trying to prevent them from catching, should the government mandate every child to have get one? Should vaccines be mandatory or should we allow human’s immune system to fight diseases on its own?
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The humoral immune system primarily consists of antibodies, the protein molecules designed to interact with an antigen. When the immune system is attacked with an antigen, anything that is foreign to the body such as germs and bacteria, it will begin fighting. Christine Murphy said, “Antibodies attack themselves to any foreign antigens like bacteria or parasites, that may exist in blood or body fluids outside of the body’s cells,usually coating these antigens as one step in the complex process of the destruction, digestion, and elimination of foreign matter by our immune system.” ( Christine Murphy, 19 ) The immune system has the ability to fight antigens on its own, but to prevent sickness to spread, doctors provide vaccines. One misconception is vaccines prevent diseases. It is the immune system that helps the

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