Why Should The United States Of America Adopt A Universal Health Care System?

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Why should the United States of America adopt a Universal Health Care System?
With the rising number of uninsured Americans today, seeking medical assistance becomes a burden due to the high cost of service. There are many individuals living in pain, not only physically, but emotionally as well, because of the fear of going to the doctor and being faced with a large bill they can 't afford. In order to minimize or eliminate the number of uninsured individuals, high costs of health care, and low quality of care in America, United States should consider a universal health care plan that is affordable and available to everyone, regardless of income or employment status; giving Americans the option to select a doctor and hospital of their choice without worrying about the cost. Many Americans fear the fact of getting sick due to the high cost of health care. With a high rate of unemployment/under-employment, seeking medical assistance nowadays is considered a luxury. According to a report on CNSNews.com, almost 12% of Americans still do not have health insurance. The 12% of uninsured Americans delay care for fear of medical bills, and when they do seek last minute medical assistance, their condition has worsen thus making their treatment more expensive for the insured. It’s like punishing the insured for the uninsured. Implementing a universal health care system will eliminate this problem by making health care affordable to everyone.
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