Why Should Same Sex Couples Adopt

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“It’s Nothing Wrong with Us.” Shouldn’t every child have a home? Even, though same-sex adoption is not the image of a traditional family. More and more same-sex couples are adopting or trying other alternative to have kids. Over six to 14 million children are living with a same-sex family. These numbers, might be large, but hundreds of thousands of children are left without homes. Same-sex couples have come about in history ever since 2400 BCE. Yes, same-sex couples adopting is still new. Shoot, they just started legalizing same-sex marriage in 2013 in America. Other problem, happen in other countries too. “In New Zealand, as a gay individual, you can adopt a child, but as a gay couple you can’t. As a married heterosexual couple, you can, as a civil union heterosexual couple you cannot. It’s time that our laws are reviewed.” (“Support Grows for Gay Adoption”). As a …show more content…
As long as, they pass the test to be allowed to adopt then nothing should prohibit them. There is no real evidence showing that sexual orientation, impairs psychological functioning and there is no evidence showing that same-sex couple are unfit parents. Yes, there many different way for same-sex couples to have kids like adoption, sperm donors, and using vitro fertilization method, but a gay couple couldn’t carry a baby for nine months. Adoption or having someone carry their baby is their only option. Homosexual and Heterosexual couples are both capable of parenting great. No one better than the other. People just need to mind their own business about what others do with their lives because what they do for their life, may not work for you or me. It’s all about what works for you and what makes you comfortable. What goes inside of a same-sex couples home does not affect the people around them and what goes inside of the people’s homes will not affect any same-sex couple around

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