Essay about Why Should Remediation Be A Year Round Calendar?

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“When I was in school, summer break ended in late August, and sometimes September!” Today’s youth will often hear these words spoken from a parent or grandparent. The type of calendar that our elders experienced, and 86% of today’s schools use is the traditional school calendar (Chen). This consists of the standard holiday breaks, and an elongated summer break that ends around Labor Day. Currently, schools are transitioning to a year-round calendar, most commonly known as a “balanced calendar.” This type of calendar generally has a 45-15 day plan, meaning that school is in session for 45 days and has a 15 day break. Different school calendars may vary. This causes school to go back in session in late July or early August. A portion of the long breaks during the school year are for remediation. This technique is meant to help students that are struggling in their academic courses. Some say remediation is a beneficial option that students have the opportunity to utilize; however, studies say otherwise. Traditional school calendars are the wisest option once different factors are taken into consideration: study and sleep habits of students, childcare during breaks, and summer jobs.

Long breaks during the academic year leave students’ sleep schedules off balance. Studies show that when a student’s temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex -- the portion of the brain that processes language -- has a sufficient amount of rest, the student has an extremely active brain during verbal…

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