Why Should I Write About My Life Essay

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For awhile, I contemplated the meaning of suffering and tried to find something in my life that went along with the aspect of what one would consider suffering. Then, I realized that I did not have to do that because what I consider personal suffering may not be the same as someone else. I pondered on what to write about, what would catch your attention the most, or what would help you relate to me because that is what the best writing does. What should I write about, I asked myself. Should I write about the time my mom kicked me out of the house, or growing up in poverty and living in my mom’s car, no, how about the time I killed my aunt’s goldfish by feeding it pepper because she left the pepper next to the fish food. That was right there was true suffering because I loved that fish. However, I decided to write about something a little more close to home. I want to take you back to December 17, 2005 in College Park, Georgia where you could feel the chill of winter in the Pine Tree Apartment Complex. It was a great day in school, I thought to myself as I was taking my short walk home from Love T. Nolan Elementary School. I met up with my cousins, who were respectively in the fourth and seventh grade, and we made our way to the local candy lady before heading home. Of course, when I got home, my mother scolded my older cousins about buying me so much candy knowing it could cause cavities. After playing outside, doing what little homework I had, and bathing, my mother told…

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