Why Should I Refrain From Investing Stocks? Essay

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Stocks are a type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation 's assets and earnings. Over the years, the stock market has dramatically shown a decrease in the economy market. The reasons why I refrain from investing stocks because The Knowledge I have about stocks are limited, Financial Difficulties and stock market crashed. Investing in stocks sounds corresponding idea to earn money over a time period however, the possibly of making that money is very narrow and uncertain.

First, the stock market is the market in which shares of publicly held companies are issued and traded either through exchanges or over-the-counter markets. On the other hand, many people like me never took the time to learn about the stock marking and how important the operation is and how it runs. Investing stock is a long term investing. Many young people prefer short term investing. The priority of younger people is often about having fun, while investments require them to tie up money for a long time before seeing returns. As a young adult, there are many companies to invest in however, the process of knowing whether that company is capable of maintains their structure to increase the stocks are very limited and can they outperforms more than half of other publicly traded companies. Also, the level of buying stocks is difficult. It’s not just about picking stocks; it is also about watching it go up and down. Likewise, many companies that…

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