Essay about Why Should I Be Moral?

1095 Words Jan 17th, 2015 5 Pages
Daniela Dicheva
HUM 225
Professor Marek Suchocki

Why should I be moral?

Law and morality belong to the spiritual realm of man, they are manifestations of conscious beginning. Too often placed between them insurmountable. In other cases, is identified by the morality of the representatives of the legal and moral philosophy. To clarify the problem it is necessary to identify both common interests and differences between the two phenomena. Otherwise, the level of spirituality, law and morality are creations of the same thing - the human mind.
Human reason unites two phenomena it they draw their metaphysics. Therefore, as two sciences law and morality are two concentric circles, the smaller of which is right, and most - morality. Kant also takes the view that the right is subject to morality and therefore legal legislation must comply with the ethical law. Every ethical principle is the same time "pattern of behavior" and in the right. Every human activity, including legal, should be subject to the law morality; there is therefore an "ethical system with fixed parts." Similarly there is a legal system with its immutable ideas, principles and values.
Main in both systems is the concept of good and fair. It guided people in the settlement of their relationship: when these relationships materialize through positive law, they acquire the characteristics of relationships; when they are developed on the basis of morality, ie remain at the level of understanding of right…

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