Ban The Idiots, Not The Guns

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Ban the Idiots, not the Guns “Guns don’t kill people” -NRA(National Rifle Association unofficial slogan). There is a problem in America, and it is gun violence. Gun violence affects people every day across the country. Gun can help people, but also kill people. But, there is not a simple answer to this problem. Gun Control has been is a controversial topic in the United States in the past few years. Both political parties have their own option on gun control. Republicans believe that they are for protection and the Democrats believe that guns are thing to blame. The Democratic party is continuing the push to ban guns, and the Republicans say it’s in the constitution and must “not be infringed”. The fact is that guns are there for …show more content…
The left says that gun control saves lives, but that should make Chicago (home of some of strictest gun control laws in the US) the safest city in the country. “While Chicago reported a lower homicide total for the first six months of the year than the same period in 2013, its total number of shooting incidents is up 5 percent compared to last year -- and the number of shooting victims has surged 8 percent” (Erbentraut). Just to show that taking guns away doesn’t help it made a rise in crime. When some just jump and take guns away people can’t protect themselves, which is one of the reasons why the 2nd Amendment was created. Some people believe that the police will help but, the average 911 call response is 10-12 minutes. By the time the police get to the scene that criminals could be on the run and hurt more people. The gun activist have been at the front and recently said “Gun advocate Gary Kleck commented in his book Targeting Guns: Firearms and their Control, ‘"More likely, the declines in crime coinciding with relaxation of carry laws were largely attributable to other factors not controlled in the Lott and Mustard analysis." Kleck and Lott contradict each other so they both must be right”(Top 30 Reasons to Oppose Gun Control). When people carry guns crime goes down, so why take guns and make crime rise. It makes no sense, again giving the criminals a better chance of killing more people. So, to recap, guns control will not save lives it kills more because there is no one to stop the

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