Argumentative Essay: Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized?

Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized? Unions between people of the same sex have existed for thousands of years. Throughout the years, people have done many things that have favored most of the people and some have opposed to it. Many people think it is bad and religious people think is wrong. Most get discriminated just because they are different. All same-sex couples want is to be recognized in a good way. They want to get treated equally and also they want to have the same equal rights as everyone else. Same-sex marriage permits couples of the same gender to enter legally-recognized marriages and provides them with the same legal rights as couples in heterosexual marriages. Gay marriage should be recognized and legalized. There are many …show more content…
Most of the people say by legalizing gay marriage is going to have undesirable effects. People disagree on legalizing gay marriage because they will not know what will happen next. They think that it will turn our community into a bad community. In the article, “Defense of Marriage Act” states, “This act specifies that no state is required to recognize a same sex marriage performed in another state,” (para. 1). Every state has right to not recognize same-sex marriage but it does not mean it is banned. In the article, "Federal Marriage Amendment" said, “Since 2002, opponents of same sex marriage have worked to pass a Federal Marriage Amendment. This amendment would define marriage as a union between one man and one woman,” (para. 1). People want marriage to be between a man and a woman but the government cannot define the word marriage. Same-sex couples feel discriminated by all the negatives they say about it. Many support the idea of civil unions rather than full marriage between gay couples. Civil unions are not fully equivalent to marriage and withdraw same sex couples of equal rights. Gay marriage is not bad. The topic of gay marriage goes around the world and you would be surprised of who supports

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