Why Should Condoms Be Repealed Out On Christian High School And College Campuses?

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It is amazing that Christian schools have high rates of STDs, pregnancies, and abortion but no one wants to talk about it, or better yet, find other ways than just saying “Be abstinent or celibate” to prevent them. There are other issues on campuses than retention rates, graduation rates, the teaching ability of faculty and staff, and others. I am not saying that those are not important, because they are. I am just saying that it is important we focus on the whole part of the campuses including students and sexual behavior and what we can do to help prevent certain circumstances, such as having condoms available at health services for people.
The issue of if condoms should be passed out on Christian high school and college campuses has long been a controversial one. It is also a growing concern because there has been an increase in sexual behavior, teen pregnancy, and STDs’ in the teen and young adult population. 62 % of high school students are sexually active and 59.3 % of college students are sexually active. Only 47 % of teens that are sexually active use condoms.
There are different stances on this discussion. One stance comes from those who are indifferent to the situation. They don’t really care or it doesn’t affect them. Pass out the condom if you want or don’t. The next stance comes from those who agree that condoms should be passed out on Christian campuses. The last stance comes from the people (most Adventist to be specific) who will say that condoms shouldn’t…

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