Essay on Why Should College Football Players Be Paid?

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Why should college football players be paid?
There are many universities that are well known for their football teams, such as Louisiana State University, Florida State University, and Alabama State University, which generate $100 million annually. Some schools wouldn 't be as popular as they are without those teams, which make millions of dollars for their schools. Football teams should be paid because players bring colleges a lot of money, they are often seriously injured, and they 're working as hard as actual football players in the National Football League.
College football players have a lot to do with their school making money. One of the biggest, most popular football teams right now is Louisiana State University. LSU tickets sales for their games are $33 million, including contributions of $21 million. LSU also receives benefits from third parties such as television, clothing, radio, housing, accessories, etc that adds up to about $635,000. This is enough money for them to pay their players who are working hard to keep fans and money coming in. Without those players, there wouldn 't be a team for people to watch and spend their money on.
There are times where players are on the field giving their all to complete the goal of winning. This is where they become at high risk of getting hurt. College football players try to give their all while playing because they know that there are NFL sponsors watching them. It 's unfair that a person could be on the field…

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