Why Should Canada Remain Dormant After The World War II Essay

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World War II is called a world war for a reason, and that reason is that it affected everybody, all across the world, not just in Europe and Asia. It even affected the peace loving people of the Dominion of Canada. The Nazis of Germany posed an extreme threat to the world, and a lot of the world acted. Why should Canada remain dormant while they fight? Germany 's imminent threat posed enough of a danger to the world to justify joining the war, and that is just what Canada did. They joined not because Britain did (although did Canada have similar intentions as Britain), but because they felt as though they could prove to be a valuable asset in defeating the Nazis. Canadians also knew that if Germany had successfully taken over and defeated Europe, North America was next on the hit list. And, in an ultimately successful attempt to not let the Nazis get that far, Canada joined World War II.
From the start of World War II, it was clear that the German Nazis had evil intents for nearby European countries. This became especially apparent when Germany invaded Poland, causing both Britain and France to declare war. Later in the war, Germany broke many laws and agreements including the Geneva Convention by not treating prisoners of war well enough, and also by committing large amounts of war crimes, in the form of the holocaust. Any country who cared for world peace could not let these atrocities go on for any longer. Because of these actions, declaring war on Germany was completely…

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