We Should Legalize The Abortion Debate

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We should legalize the murder of all babies, since that’s basically what abortion is about, isn’t it? Abortion is currently legal in all states, but even then it is still one of the most controversial issues in the U.S. I believe there are other options for women to choose from other than abortion. I support pro-life because I do not like the idea of unborn babies being killed legally. People who are pro-choice or pro-abortion supports abortion because it is the “women’s rights” to choose what they want for their body (“Abortion”). They felt that the government do not have the rights to interfere with whether or not women should continue the pregnancy. It is their body and their choice to go through abortion, I understand that. I also understand why they would go through abortion due to rape, incest, and risk of the mothers’ life and those are the few of the many reasons why people would support pro-abortion or pro-choice.
Women has more than just the ability to get rid of an unborn baby, they have the rights to vote, to work, and much more. It is the women’s choice to do abortion, but not all choices are correct in a moral sense because would anyone support them if they had killed a toddler because they had the choice to? I understand that there are circumstances to be
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Even if then you can’t get money, then there’s always the adopting center where other parents who cannot conceive a baby would be over joy to adopt them. There are many people who thinks that adoption is not an alternate choice of abortion because they “should not put forth adoption as superior to abortion” (Bencanann). Even then, if the mother does not want to keep the child, but wants to give them life by putting them in the adoption center is not

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