Why Sheryl Sandberg Speech At Berkley Essay

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Why Sheryl Sandberg Speech At Berkley Attracted My Left And Right Brain: A Standout On Content Marketing

In my younger years, one teacher had a playful smile whenever she repeated this line from her repertoire, “It is hard to define extraordinary things, I know when I see one.” I saw one in Sheryl Sandberg’s commencement speech at Berkley.

I will be the first to admit that I fall for words that resonate deeply [not peripherally] - bead of words that magnetize me as a person – useful, connecting, enriching, evocative, conversational and short. Sheryl Sandberg’s address to the students was dripping with all that.

Having said that, this blog is less about her or what she represents– there are numerous articles for that. This is about something bigger - It is about extraordinary content, structure and many more. Without any doubt, she is the linchpin; the awe is her speech that appealed to both my left and right brain. Here is the link for the video and transcript. Below is my analysis [and you do not need to read her transcript before reading this blog]

Left Brain Appeal

1) Understand Audience Vs. Immersion

Sheryl was talking about disappointments in college that some of the students could have experienced. She shared examples. There was one line that appealed to my left brain a lot– “She was the love of your life -- but then she swiped left.” Keep your audience in mind is a statement. Being immersed in your audience pulse is higher engagement. Her line is a…

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