Why Scientific Method Is Important As Part Of Business Research

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The scientific method is essential to every success of business research. Scientific method is one of the most reliable and rational methods for examining the world around us by making observation, hypothesis, and providing evidences for how things operate.
The key of scientific method is that it allows researchers to observe and to test all the evidence before making a statement of fact. The following reasons explains why scientific method is important as part of business research:
• Helping to advance knowledge and understanding while minimizing observer bias
• Providing means to formulate questions and testing hypothesis through controlled experiments
• Conducting the experiment in a fair and unbiased manner to prove or disprove questions
• Producing answers to questions which enables us to derive theory from what we observe around the world
• Strengthening theory and experiments when similar results occurs under any conditions
Initially, the concept of participative management style in various organizations has been proved to be effective and may lead to high employee satisfaction. These topics have received a considerable attention from a majority of scientists through more than 3,000 studies since the first time of Locke’s study from 20 years ago. While autocratic management gives the total control to the person in charge, participative management is not only for the top to decide but also whether or not the employees accept an idea or a change.
Researchers conducted…

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