Why Schools Should Mandatory Uniforms Mandatory Essay

732 Words Dec 5th, 2016 3 Pages
Schools have been known to show the latest fashion styles within the kids. Putting in more time to what they 're going to wear, rather than studying for what is to come. We all know that Catholics/ private schools are the ones that started the uniform based systems everywhere; so they can make kids more discipline and to keep them focused on what 's important ‘their education '. Since 1987 uniforms have been enforced within the U.S, more and more public schools are starting to adapt to the policy. Kids would either wear their school colors or the typical uniform that the school mentioned. People either love it or are not a fan of them. The benefits are sure there, Schools should make uniforms mandatory so they can discourage crimes from forming, and encourages discipline and improve test scores.

Every year about 3 million young people in the U.S falls as victims in school crimes according to the Constitutional Rights Foundation. School crimes and violence had been in action since the 1970 's and reached a peak in the 1990 's. Middle schools are more likely to be part of school crimes. In a total of about 53% of kids in middle school and high school have been complaining about coming to school because they feel scared that kids would not like them for what they can afford to wear and are afraid of bullies coming at them. When kids wear expensive things to school there are cases when some those items get stolen. Either if they 're left in the locker room or even in the…

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