Essay on Why School Should Not Be A School

938 Words Mar 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Universities around the world are progressively evolving leading to innovation, imagination, and renewal in order to help sustain buildings to appeal to the current generation and time. Designers creating rather unorthodox, irregular, and infamous structures are questioned if the buildings designed can live up to what it’s worth and whether it will appeal to the public. There are many buildings that live up to the controversy that is put about how well the building lives up to it’s name. However, due to many reasons a school cannot live up to every expectation inputted through different sources. Usually, there is a fine line between taking into consideration every idea given to designers and leaders but only major beneficial ideas could partake in improving the animosity of the building. There are increased percentages in 2015 of students and teachers being satisfied with the learning resources given within schools. This qualitative statistic does not cover all of the creatively distinguished schools but it does show an estimated number of schools being involved. Bearing the fact that schools are generally designed to attract talented staff and students are correct but this does create a tension that schools may not live up to the expectations of what it lives up to. So does a flashy institution to better excel students for future pathways live up to the hype? Yes. So what benefit does the design of the building have with the staff and students? Marmot’s research states…

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