Why School Should Make A School Essay

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A school should make efforts in the direction first by actually knowing where the problem lies. If they do not have an idea as to what all communities of students are present, what all are the challenges that they are facing, then they shall not be in a position to help. For example, any student in South American regions might be facing difficulties in understanding the needs and requirements in that language which is being used in school. There might be others who belong to other countries who find it difficult to understand English. The schools should identify special teacher’s for understanding and catering to such needs. Moreover, they also should arrange some special classes for fulfilling those gaps that the students have. Identifying needs based on general understanding etc. can be catered through them. For other gaps we need specialist learning and practice sessions for students. There should also be arrangement for counselling sessions where in the student shall open up about their problems and the counselor shall help redirect them to the right person. The communities should be supportive of the efforts that are being made for the fulfillment of the achievements gap. Each community should try finding out what are the areas that the students belonging to that community lack in. Only once they have it identified, they be able to know what actions are to be taken for the same. They can hire personal or professional trainers depending upon the academic and…

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