Why School Should Buy Physical Books Or More Personal Essay

1114 Words Nov 18th, 2015 5 Pages
The best way for the school to spend a gift of $5,000 would be two different possibilities that I would argue. I would argue that the school should buy physical books or more personal chromebooks. I say this because many students struggle without a physical copy of the book to take home. Teachers complain to the students that we are not reading, or taking enough initiative, but how are we supposed to read when we don’t have the book, and most children do not have the internet. Chromebooks would be a good addition because every teacher uses them over and over; however, we only have two carts in the school. I believe the gift should go to the previous two stated things because the school board does not provide them for us in which this gift would be a good start on accomplishing at least one of the needs the school has without having the school board to interfere. Physical books for students is one of the two things that I would argue that a $5,000 gift to our school would be very useful to invest in. Students often have trouble reading or studying without a book in their hands. They struggle with this for two reasons; Either they have a hand-held device they are forced to use instead, or they have no access to the internet. The first problem is a hand-held device. What do students normally use them for? Often hand-held devices are used to communicate through text, instagram, facebook or twitter. So, when a student is reading their book (that they have no physical copy of)…

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