Why School Should Be Focused On Testing All The Time? Essay

1073 Words Oct 12th, 2015 null Page
Students go through school often just worried about passing one test to the next in order to make it through. A major problem that has been happening in education is state testing and if it is beneficial for students to take part in. It is often questioned whether it is beneficial to show a student’s progress of these tests do more harm than good. I do not think schools should be focused on taking state test. Schools should be focused on testing all the time because it takes the quality out of what a good education should be, some students don’t test well but actually do know what they are talking about because they suffer from test anxiety and the pressures put on them from the test, and the tests arent doing anything to help our nation or states unlike what the goals of No Child Left Behind are. Standardized testing shouldn’t be happening in our education system.
The one side of the argument sees state testing as a great thing and something that is helping our education. Standardized testing does often help measure students’ academic achievement for the given test and can help show a school’s progress. Educators may think that “teaching to the test” helps because schools are focusing on the essential skills that students need to learn. This side of the argument doesn’t see though all that have standardized testing takes out of schools and where students are lacking in getting a well- rounded education. The focus of state testing in education is destroying the thought…

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