Essay On Do Religion Cause War

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Muslims, and Catholics against each other in a brutal combat (Avalos 2005). Also, thousands of monks were being persecuted in Burma during that time. Violence in religion even excels conflicts between various ethnicities, which also happen within the same ethnicity. The irony about this is that not one religion that ever existed in the past or present, preaches violence to solve any problems that exist. The reason why religion causes war is not the fact that religion teaches the people to do so, it is because of the fact that people have disagreements and disbeliefs about other religions besides the religion they practice. This causes confliction because in one culture, people may have an Islamic belief as in another culture, people may have a Catholic belief (Barnes 2005). For example, the effort to inflict Christianity on people’s lives was an important role of the confliction neighboring the European colonization. Perhaps a group may seek to challenge other religions the opportunity to practice their belief. This is out of aspiration to reduce the beliefs the …show more content…
In fact some of the worst catastrophes during the last century were carried out under commandments of religion in the name of native socialism (Huntington 1993). Basically, humans will have confliction about anything they feel firmly about from politics to who has the best sports team. Religion gives a place to confrontation because of so many questions on which one is right. The only way to reconcile between the two is to recognize that, at most, religion contains two very different aspects. One clearly separates humans and the other might be able to make humans come together. The question is, how do we achieve this difficult goal? One thing is certain and that is if we cannot come to some form of agreement, the beliefs of different religions will cause the continuation of

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