Why Recycling Is Important Essay

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By: Will Pulvermacher
Don't you think it would be great to know you did something to change the world for the better, well you can. by Recycling it takes little effort but makes a big change for the world Because it is better than putting them into big landfills and having them go to waste and it helps us conserve our natural resources.
Today peoples opinion on recycling is very high nowadays because, people recycle to help the environment and to not run out of the natural resources.. this is important because Natural resources are very important and with the help of recycling we can keep out natural resources for much longer.
The number one thing to recycle is glass. Recycling glass is very simple and important because it's good
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this means that recycling is very important because it helps keep the earth clean, because Recycling helps the earth we live on so much and more people need to start doing it.
There are many benefits to Recycling it can make you money also it helps clean up the earth that is some of the benefits. Recycling is growing at an amazing rate but we still need more people to participate in it.
One of the most important companies that help in recycling is the ISRI they are a very popular company and is making big changes to the world of recycling. one of the ISRI strong points is that it does a great job at gathering up as much scrap as possible and making sure that it gets recycled.
The main points of recycling is the best because recycling is getting more and more important and popular and we need more and more people to catch on every day so that we can make a combined effort to clean up the earth. Some of our problems is when we throw away Environment Hazards in landfills and hurting the earth. I think we should store them in separate places so they don't compile and become worse and even harmful to the

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