Why Print Concepts Are Important For Students Essay

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Students are learning every day this is why print concepts are important to students. When teachers use print concepts it helps with the student’s fluency when they are reading. It also helps with the student’s accuracy while reading. Concepts are important for the reason that it teaches students how reading works. I have researched 10 different strategies that teach print concepts. The first one is graphic organizers. Graphic organizers are important because they help students understand things better. It was mentioned that graphic organizers help students to be more effective in learning how to compare and contrast, also it helps them to how to relate the strategy of cause and effect, and it also teaches them how to tell apart the difference between something that is the main idea and its details (Hall, Kent, McCulley, Davis, & Wanzek, 2013, P. 49). This is important for the reason that it helps to promote comprehension skills for students. Another important strategy that teaches the print concept is independent practice. For the independent practice, the teacher is able to see what students can mastered on their own. Independent practice is a good print concept for the reason that this is something that is typically given to students after a lesson is taught to have students practice on their own. Another important strategy that teaches the print concept is Model-lead-test. The Model lead test is a print strategy that the teacher is able to model the certain problem that…

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