Why Primates Have Evolved Throughout Time Essay

888 Words Nov 24th, 2015 4 Pages
The evolution of primates has brought up so much debate and discussion over the years. Scientists, still to this day, are conducting research and observing facts on how and why primates have evolved throughout time. The study of primate evolution dates back all the way to Charles Darwin’s time where he proposed the processes of natural selection which is a very slow but gradual procedure. Since the time of Darwin’s theory some “factors that have influenced or are currently shaping community structures include historical circumstances, climate and habitats, productivity and food resources, and species interactions” (Reed and Bidner, 2004). The origin and evolution of primates has changed so much and is still constantly changing. From analyzing and interpreting scholarly articles, I was able to find numerous journals which provided me with various facts about the evolution of early primates. A huge factor in the process of evolution is development. Species are continuously developing and that is why primates have evolved into humans throughout time. The early primates have developed and adapted to new environments as the world has been changing. This is the only way for a primate to survive. According to a scholarly article which emphasizes the processes of development, the author mentions that “development carries out heritable genetic instructions contained in zygotes to produce functioning yet phenotypically varied individuals” (Rolian, 2014). This is the base of evolution…

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