Essay about Why Police Prejudice Against Minorities

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Allegations of police violence against minorities is a common occurrence in the culture of the united states today. For example Eric Garner. This man was choked to death for stopping a fight, and illegally selling cigarettes. But is this truly a crisis? Or is mass media picking and choosing what stories to publish. The goal of this research study is to determine if that police prejudice against minorities in California is truly a problem. Through the review of six articles relating to bias against minorities, and my own proposed research methods i am hoping to find out if there really is a problem with police use of force.
Literature Review 4-6 pages

In Mellama, (2007) the researchers are trying to determine that being of a non Caucasian background affects the hiring, promoting, and the disbursement of assignments in the field of police work. Multiple systems of data gathering were used to determine the results of the experiment. The first of which was existing statistics. The second form was an interview process, and the final form of data gathering was field observation. The sample was of a police department from the year 1964 until 2007. Through experience, statistics and, interviews with police higher ups, such as captains, commissioners etcetera, the study found that while the use of race as a pre determinate factor in workplace practices including minorities has somewhat quelled since the 1970’s. While it is still present, it is much more subtle now.

The goal of…

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