Why Physical Education Is Important Essay examples

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An important question regarding people today, from the ages of 9 to 90 is why is physical education important? Physical education is important for a number of reasons, one of the biggest reasons being that if someone is physical fit and participates in physical activity daily, the chances are, their going to live a longer, healthier life than one who is not physical fit and does not participate in physical activity on a daily basis. Another big reason is physical education and athletics help define a person and shape them and people can learn a lot about themselves by participating in activities, such as how well they handle situations, anger problems, and maturity. These reasons, among several other reasons which will be covered is why …show more content…
Dedicated and commitment can't be taught to kids by words. It has to be experienced in one's life in order to know the real meaning of what dedication and commitment are. When kids are dedicated to something to try to be great like their heroes, they are learning something about themselves. Being dedicated and committed to a certain something also keeps students, and kids all around the world out of trouble. With crime being a problem in today's world with young people, sports are a big way to help lower that rate. It's proven that a kid who participates daily in physical activity or is on a team is less likely to go out and commit trouble. There is more to physical education than playing an actual sport though. Physical Education is teaching people, students, or kids how to live a well maintained, overall well rounded-life. It's about teaching students the right things about being physically active and choosing healthy foods over other foods. For an example, physical education can be about learning the food pyramid and teaching young students that having wheat and grain is way healthier than having fatty, salty foods. A typical, regular person should work out 3-5 times a week, for at least 30 minutes a day. In order for most individuals to know this, they have to have some knowledge or have been taught something in physical education. Knowing that is a part of physical education that

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