Why People Want The Best For Our Family Essay

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Why people immigrate to other countries? Many people had to to immigrate because they are looking for security ,justice ,economy, and lifestyle ,that they don’t have in their own country.

A reason can be good salary people change jobs within the same country also for good living condition a better education this is a major factor in my own case , i preferred to move to USA all of us want the best for our family

Political it’s another reason there are many people in countries which are affected by war terror groups to move to safe countries

.As safety comes first , immigration is a top choice for the well qualified people in these countries .

Once some of our close relatives and friends immigrate immigrate to other country and they see they have a better life then they invited others

.After my dad immigrated to USA long ago ,he wants that all the family can be together and have a better life like a better job ,a better health and a better education that it is the main point .

And then many of my family members have immigrated to USA but it was hard because we don’t have our own house the school was hard because i can’t understand the language i don’t had any friends but i have to stay here for a better life


People immigrate because they want to live in a free country and USA its the better choice but millions of people die trying to get to America


They are just looking for their future but they don’t know what will happen it’s a sad situation because…

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