Why People Take Drugs? Essay

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There are many reasons people start taking drugs. Some start because they are prescribed medication, and then later may start taking it recreationally. Others see friends/family taking drugs, so they will try it as well. Some may start legally using drugs and slowly want to find new experiences with other drugs. Whatever the reason is many people are taking drugs, and many researchers are trying to understand their behavior and where it starts. Andrew Weil in the article Why People Take Drugs, explains why he believes others take drugs and what got him into certain drugs as well. Weil’s believes that everyone has the desire to alter their consciousness, that it is a natural human desire, much like eating and sexual behavior (Weil, p. 72). He compares the desire to use drugs as the same desire as wanting sexual experiences (Weil, p. 74). Weil points out that all drug use is the same, that a person drinking alcohol after work is no different than someone who uses marijuana or cocaine (Weil, p. 73). Many American’s however, do not see the comparison and may believe that drug use is a new concept and not historical (Weil, p. 72). Weil’s states that people are spending too much money trying to figure out why people take drugs, but what they really want to know is why some take certain drugs (Weil, 73). Many theories suspect that people get into drugs because they are trying to rebel, escape, or because they see their peers doing drugs (Weil, 73). However, Weil’s does not agree…

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