Essay on Why People May Become A Workaholic

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A workaholic is a type of person a who compulsively works hard and long hours. There are many reasons why people may have become a workaholic. There may be an underlying situation, resulting from some type of dramatic issue. That issue could have lead them to have low self esteem, no worth and working non stop is their way of compensating for it. Often workaholics feel as if they did not complete enough assignments, and therefore needs to do more to feel better about themselves. Someone who is workaholic, could never sit around relaxing totally doing nothing. There is no room in their life for idling. Being best friends with a workaholic, gives one a front row seat of it. Also, being able to see the flipside of the coin, being married to a lazy bum.

A workaholic is normally the first person to show up for work and the last to leave, never feeling as if enough was achieved on their part. Needing to do more and more work as a way to shine and/or stand out. Something terrible like growing up poor, being raped, or losing a sibling or parent early in life could have happened and work is the scapegoat of choice to avoid facing the demons. Work is their favorite hobby and vacating is never a thought with a workaholic, fearing work can not get done without them. Hard work is one thing, but when someone comes to work sick, don’t take lunch breaks and uses work as an excuse to not hang out with friends, family or coworkers is absolutely any other thing. Someone…

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