Why Do People Hold Grudges Essay

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The secondary article “Why People Hold Grudges and What to do About Them” written by Susan Krauss, is neither compelling nor convincing to the reader. The evidence to support her main notion of “believing in a just world”, (BJW) and the impacts this theory has on a person’s ability to hold a grudge over someone, is very limited. Krauss presents very little evidence and information regarding this topic which causes the reader to have doubts about the validity of the idea, and furthermore the reader is left to wonder what other theories or ideas may influence someone’s ability to hold a grudge. Everyone knows someone who “holds a grudge”, for some people this grudge can create a rift and divide that often becomes the end of a relationship. Krauss …show more content…
Memories need to be stored, encoded, and retrieved in your long-term memory in order to stay in your brain for a long period of time.” Therefore, as stated in the article, depending on how good your memory is of a certain situation, this may strongly influence one’s ability to forgive someone for a specific act. As mentioned by the author, “When their memory is too good, they can recall with almost photographic precision each interaction they’ve had with other people, favorable or unfavorable.” This concludes and proves the point that grudge holding can be influenced and impacted by the holders’ ability to recall the situation vividly in their mind. The idea of “forgive and forget” also becomes more difficult to apply to your life or a situation in which you are holding a grudge on someone when the memory or vision of someone/something is so crystal clear in your mind. This connects to the idea of episodic vs sematic memories. It can be concluded that grudges are episodic memories because they recall remembering a particular event, and not necessarily common known facts like your date of birth. The article lacked this information, although, it is quite clear that it would benefit the readers understanding of the topic, and further their

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