Essay on Why People End Up On The Streets Homeless

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I have always wondered why people end up on the streets homeless. In Africa where I spent much of my formative years, people used to rely so much on each other to the extent of taking care of a relative or relatives who may be needy. But that has changed over the years due to the high number of needy relatives, especially orphans of the HIV/Aids scourge. The dreaded epidemic ravaged most 3rd world countries leaving a trail of homeless children who later grew into homeless men and women. Having had the advantage of growing up in a 3rd world country, I witnessed poverty and homelessness first hand. I had to deal with the anguish of losing a lot of close family members who succumbed to HIV/Aids. Their deaths churned out quite a number of orphans who needed to be taken care of. But because of limited resources, my parents and I could not take care of every one of the children left behind. Neither were the social service nor non-governmental organizations. They were also overwhelmed. The orphaned children started fending for themselves, doing odd jobs and selling some of their parents’ properties in order to make ends meet. But the resources dried up leaving them with no option but to get onto the streets to beg for anything from food, money, odd jobs. Street vices took over some of them leading to drug abuse and child prostitution. I was not able to rescue them from the ills of drug abuse because I was also struggling with my studies as my parents had too much in their hands to…

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