Why People Belong Rather Than Marry Essay

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There are many reasons why people cohabitate rather than marry. Living together in such an arrangement appears to have become the norm, some of the motives behind it all may include getting to know each other and their habits, wanting to see if they are compatible, saving money, and feeling they are not ready to marry yet. However, experts claim that living together prior to marriage may be the road that leads to divorce. According to Rutgers University in New Jersey, “cohabiting couples are more likely to experience a host of domestic problems, including, if they finally get married, divorce. Cohabiting unions tend to weaken the institution of marriage and pose clear and present dangers for women and children” (Labi). More than 4 million heterosexual couples are shacked up today as oppose to half a million that existed at the end of the 60’s (Labi et al.).
Some individuals believe that living together prior to marriage is a dry run on what to expect before taking the actual step in tying the knot. However, studies also show that cohabiting families are three times more likely to suffer depression than those of married couples. This is probably due to the higher rates recorded in domestic violence to women and sexual abuse of children. In 1992 a study of 3,300 cohabiting couples showed that 46% were more likely to divorce than those who do not (Labi, 1999). The longer you cohabit, the more tolerant you are of divorce. Most religions disapprove of and discourage…

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