Why Parents Should Vaccinate Their Children Essay

1146 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Jerlany Diaz
Professor Brunk
ENC 1101
21st November 2016
Why Parents Should Vaccinate Their Children Smallpox and polio have been wiped out in the United States. Cases of measles, mumps, tetanus, whooping cough and other life-threatening illnesses have been reduced by more than ninety- five percent. Immunizations prevent tens of thousands of deaths annually among elderly persons and those who are chronically ill (Meadows). Many parents are concerned that vaccinations lead to autism and are causing other serious life threatening health risks that could harm their children. The truth is there is no correlation between immunizations and health defects and parents need to be educated about the importance and benefits of vaccinating their children. Lately, a growth of negative publicity focusing on the risks of vaccines have been unproven or inaccurate to those wondering whether they do more harm than good. Vaccine experts and the overwhelming majority of health-care providers caution consumers against skipping important vaccinations because of an evening news report or a posting on the Internet (Meadows). Many parents believe that vaccinations are unnecessary and can’t transmit their sickness to others, they argue that if vaccinations are truly effective then no one would ever get sick but if everyone were to have that type of mindset then eventually no one would go out and get vaccinated to be treated for illnesses, sooner than later just spreading diseases to everyone.…

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