Why Parents Should Give Their Children An Allowance Essay

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Why Parents Should Give Their Children an Allowance Although, most everyone agrees that an allowance teaches children to be financially responsible, there are many conflicting opinions about whether or not children should receive an allowance. There are three main views on allowances. The first view claims that children should not be given an allowance at all. This view states that “we are all part of the same family, and we should all contribute what we can to the common good, cheerfully pitching in to do chores simply because the family needs them done” (Cummins). In this case, parents buy almost everything that the children want or need. The second view claims that no chores are necessary to earn an allowance. Basically, this means that the children obtain an allowance no matter what they do. They do not have to work around the house, and their behavior does not matter. The third view requires children to work and earn their allowance. This connects an allowance with completion of chores or an assigned task. The thought behind this view is that “Nobody gets free money in the world and neither should my kids and that would spoil them” (Cummins). Overall, all of these views have pros and cons. However, in general, most agree that it is more beneficial for parents to give their children an allowance based on chores and behavior. According the second view, a straight allowance “(meaning a set amount of money given weekly or monthly, not dependent on chores), will often…

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