Why Parents Should Be Safe Essay

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In today 's generation of parenthood, parents have been over protecting their kids, how by not being risk taking parents and what I mean is that parents aren 't willing to have their kids have risk while young, they are wrong. What parents should be doing is having children learn safe risk choices so when they are out having fun with the neighbors or at the park they can feel more confident about having their kids out there without too many worries. Myself as a child I have had lots of risk taking decisions I usually was always on my own as a child my parents would let me go beyond limits and till today I 'm alive, and still a risk taker. Life is all about risk taking, because it helps you become stronger as when you are a child as in an adult, but with safe precautions children need to be safe and risk it. Children today need more risks to better achieve the fears of parents thinking their children aren’t being safe in many life activities.
“In the past generation, the rising preoccupation with children 's safety has transformed childhood, stripping it of independence, risk-taking, and discovery”. Author Hanna Rosinrly fairly stated in her article that since the 1970s rates of injury among children has been steady throughout the years but lacks a lot of parents being risk taking today. Research shows that the more a child is outside with nature than a child always inside the house with a phone or tablet makes them very different how, children who go play at the park, or go…

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