Why Parents Should Be A Good Parent Essay

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When children are born, unfortunately, they do not come with directions for how to be a good parent. Therefore, many parents are faced with trying to define the term while raising the child. Because so many parents constantly struggle with the same issues of parenting, classes have been formed to teach you how to deliver your baby, breast feed your baby, even how to wash your baby. But when it comes to raising a baby, we are all up to the mercy of our own instincts and emotions to make the moral judgements, and to stick by them, in order to have our child mentally and physically prepared for the big world ahead. From the time your child is born, and each day forward, it is the job of the parent to prepare the child for the day when he/she can spread their wings and leave the nest. To prepare for this day, it will take years of discipline, love, and heartache. The very first need a baby requires, is the love of its mother. A mother’s love is the kindest, most sincere, nurturing, unconditional expression of emotion that plants the seed for how to love others. The love will then grow, as it learns the father’s love. The child will then comprehend love, and what it means to be a part of a family. However, there are other attributes that a good parent should teach their children to prepare them for adulthood. This is how to make good choices. Good parents will teach their children consequences to their choices, whether it is good or bad. This will build the…

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