Why Parents Lose The Child Or Pregnancy? Essays

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I would like to mention that this discussion was extremely hard for me to complete because this topic is really sensitive to me. I have suffered miscarriages in the past and recently delivered my son Nolan in November because Nolan passed away when I was 18 weeks pregnant. When a couple decides to have a baby, it is a life changing experience that can bring so much joy and happiness. However, it can also bring heartache and sadness if the parents lose the child or pregnancy.

How Would You…?

According to the textbook, it mentions how “newborns sleep 16 to 17 hours a day, although some sleep more and others sleep less” (Chapter 5, pg. 131). The textbook also mentions how, “An infant might change from sleeping several bouts of 7 to 8 hours to three or four shorter sessions only several hours in duration” (Chapter 5, pg. 131). Furthermore, the textbook mentions how “By 1 month of age, the infants begin sleeping longer at night and by 6 months of age, infants usually move into having closer to adult-like sleep patterns” (Chapter 5, pg. 131). Lastly, the textbook mentions how “One of the most common infant sleep-related problem reported by parents if nighttime waking” (Chapter 5, pg. 131).

As stated before, having a baby is a life changing experience that can bring so much happiness and joy. If I were leading a Parent Education group for couples, I would tell them that each baby’s personality is different and how each baby develops and grows differently. I would tell the…

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