Why Parents Is The Key For Children Success Essay

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According to Cornett, educators’ understand the importance to use the arts in order to develop fun and engaging lesson plans (2015). I believe that is crucial for students to feel motivated and engage during learning. Furthermore, I believe parent involvement is the key for children success. The gift of arts is a powerful tool to share with parents about how the arts can help students to academically succeed. I chose, # 4 critical thinking, #11 Commitment/interest and #13 confidence, as the most important to share with parents as powerful reasons for teaching the arts.

The gifts of the arts
#4 Critical thinking
According to Cornett, the process of critical thinking occurs when the student is been creative. When the student is been creative, the student is also developing inquiry and powerful skills. While creativity is happening the student is learning the importance of the creation, therefore, critical thinking expose students to closely examine details, and expose students to make decisions about new ideas, techniques and materials to use (2015). During critical thinking, the students can engage in conversations to elaborate on their findings or interests, because critical thinking may allow multiple responses with different answers. I would explain to parents that, critical thinking is a gift of the arts, because it requires students to engage during the process of creating and think. For example, during critical thinking when a child is learning a subject what…

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