Why Pandas Are Endangered Essay

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Register to read the introduction… But an even larger problem than the panda 's selective behavior is, females are only fertile, or in their reproductive cycle for about 5 days. For a male to find a female in the wild, and quickly enough to mate with her while she is still fertile, is a small miracle. The odds are against it happening, there are a lot fewer pandas surviving in the wild, and the habitat is filled with fences, walls, roads, and other obstacles.

A third reason why pandas are endangered is that they
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Natural population subdivision by topography and ecology has been worsened by human encroachment, leading to severe fragmentation of the remaining wild population. For example, 40 animals in 4 groups share resources of a preserve in Nepal with 30,000 humans (only 6% of its 1710 km² is preferred panda habitat). Small groups of animals, with little opportunity for exchange between them, face the risk of inbreeding, decreased genetic diversity, and even extinction.


Pandas are rare today and are in danger of extinction due to the disappearance of the forests and hunting for their highly-valued tails and fur. However they are protected by law in China. In 1963, the first panda was exhibited in a zoo outside of China. Today, there are more than a dozen pandas in most zoos. Pandas can be seen in zoos in Washington D.C, Mexico City, London, Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, and Berlin. All pandas in zoos are given double names; this is a Chinese custom, which indicates affection. Scientists study the zoo pandas in hope to learn how to save wild pandas from extinction.

Now you know information about the panda and why it is endangered. I think that the panda should be saved or these beautiful animals will become

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