Why Pac M Functionalist And Conflict Perspectives Essay

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Sean Penn (Pac Man) took both functionalist and conflict perspectives. Examples from the movie to support my thinking on why Pac Man took the functionalist perspective is, because he believed that everyone needed to follow the laws and respect the police whom were a high power and with the respect of this power everything would run smoothly and the police would get the gang members and drug dealers off the streets. I do not think his approach as a functionalist perspective was effective because no one on the streets took him serious and all hated him for the most part. Therefore, they we’re not going to respect him but make a mockery of him. Examples of him taking the Conflict perspective is his racist attitude towards the minority people whom lived in the communities of which he worked and thinking that he could rough-up anyone that he seen or stopped on the streets. Also, because when Hodges decided to talk to the gang members instead of taking them in to the station, he got extremely upset and said that he should be able to do his job and take them in. this shows the clash that goes on between gang members and cops. An examples of Pac Man having the conflict perspective is when he caught the Mexican boy spray painting out the names of other gang members and then took the green spray paint and sprayed it all over the little boys face. Lastly, an example of his conflict perspective is when he chases down the Crip gang members until he ran them off the road and the gang…

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